Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Day of School

This is Elyssa's first day of school. Jimmy went with her and took the pictures,to his surprise she wasn't even upset when he got ready to leave. Said he told her he was leaving and she said"OK,bye!" If I recall right I sure didn't have that with Jimmy's first day or several days after that. I remember I use to have to fight him just to get him out to the bus and feel bad about it the whole time. He would start crying the minute I got him up and wouldn't stop til he was on the bus. Elyssa is so out going though she is always ready for an adventure and never meets a stranger. By the way I think Bria is loving having the house and mom and dad to herself during the day while Elyssa is at school.

Big Boy,Little Step

Seems just yesterday that Gabriel was born,now look at this big boy. Nessa called me last week to let me know he just took his first step. You know me I had to go check it out. Sure enough he can pull up at the couch or chair and stand alone for a few minutes, if you help him he can take a step or two. Pull out the food and does he holler,that boy likes food! Guess that's why he's so big. Nessa said she tries not to let him eat alot ,said he would eat a whole poptart if you let him. He sure is a happy baby though always smiling! And look at mom,not bad herself,look where she came from,ha,ha!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Don has a pain and so do I!!

Men and their pain! I had to go to the doctor several months ago because I had a pain in my hands that hurt so bad I could hardly stand to move them. Don of course had no sympathy and thought I was just complaining for nothing. Oh sure I still went to work,chopping,slicing and dicing cases of veggies and fruits even though it hurt. When I went to the dr. she said I had some bad artho and it wouldn't get any better. Gave me med. to help with movement and pain and its better now. Still Don ragged me about taking pills etc.. you get the ideal. Well now he has some very bad pain in his knee and the world is coming to an end!!! Of course when my hand and back hurt there was still the question"What's for supper" or the ole "I need some underwear washed" but now don't you know he can hardly get up to get hisself a drink much less anything else. We had plan to go to the country for the week-end but that's out. It didn't seem to bother his hand when it came to fixing his self a drink though. By nights end he is bored and miserable and it's all my fault because I don't want to go nowhere or have anyone come over. Why is it??? Do I feel bad,Hell No!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Call Me Stupid!

Yes,thatwould be me. Back on Aug.3 I got an e-mail from my bank saying that to keep my on-line banking secure they need to up-date my records and ask that you take a few mins. to fill out the info listed. Well it looked so real I did,and yes you can guess what happened. Then this Tues. I get a call from the real bank wanting to know if a large amount of $ was made by me in a bank to bank transfer. I almost passed out!! Of course they begin to tell me all the bit about that being a fraud e-mail to get my bank info. I had to cancel my checking acct.,my debit card, my credit card etc... and open up all new ones,call the credit office and put an alert on my SS# and other credit cards,what a mess. And the bad thing is we don't know if it's over yet or not. The credit office said they would have an alert on all my stuff for 6 months.
What's funny,I was always after Don because he would see something on TV and want me to call and order it. I would always tell him no I wasn't going to give out our acct.# over the phone or anywhere else.
Guess I learned a hard lesson. I know now anything that ask for your personel info,even if it is your bank,DELETE,DELETE,DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like they told me, we want ask for your personel info because we already have it,same for the phone,electric or other such company that would have certain info on file. He says all them should have whatever info they need on file and shouldn't have to ask you for it,if they do red flag it and tell them no! One good thing is that I had save that e-mail and was able to e-mail it to the on-line security at my bank so they could try to trace it. And they are going to replace the money stolen,YEA for that.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Family duties

Know it's been awhile since I signed in but been busy. Been helping Don's mother now that his dad passed and she's home alone try to stop by and help her out. A young boy ran into her as she was leaving the grocery store,thank God she wasn't hurt but was upset because her car got it pretty bad. Had to go when I got off work and take her car to a shop off 59 at 3 in the afternoon which isn't good in Houston traffic. Then there was the wait for the rental car then back to 610 at 5 in the afternoon to get me home which is a nightmere in traffic at that time of day. All this after being up at 4 in the morning and working all day,but, it is worth it for her. The whole time we were on the road all she could keep saying was how bad she felt for the young boy that ran into her because he had worked all night and was tired and just trying to get home. Don't know about most but I don't think that's what I would have been saying after he hit my nice new car. But that's just the kind of person she is. In ways reminds me of my own grandmother who I can't hardly remember ever saying anything bad about anyone and was always worried about the other person.Anyhow all worked out ok.
Here lately I've been trying to help Jimmy and Vanessa get their kids ready for school. Jimmy one week-end and Vanessa the next. Jimmy is like me,he knows what he wants and goes in gets it and is ready to go home. Nessa on the other hand will drag you through 15 stores and still not know what are where she wants to buy. Most times you end up right back at the first store you started at. Make sure you have on good walking shoes with her! Then there is all this land and house that seems to consume all our time. Nearly 2 acres just to mow and rooms in this big ass house that never get used but somehow manage to get dirty,how that happens I have't figured out yet. But I keep pushing this ole body on and it just keeps running so I should thank God for that. And I have survived!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

What a Day!

Boy,was today a hard day. Sometimes I don't think people know just what goes into cooking for a cafe. Being one of the main cooks,getting there at 4:30 in the morning and having to cook a breakfast buffet for a least 50 people,that's just the hot line in the cafe then you have catering to do. In the morning have 100 breakfast tacos to do for catering along with the hot line breakfast. Sonn as that gets done then there's lunch and lunch catering to worry about and somewhere in there you have to run out every few mins. to wait on customers. Of coarse there is also the clean up that comes with it. Have other people working there but they are the ones who have the thinking that if it isn't their job they are not going to lend a hand,so they go sit in the dining room when they are done and management says nothing! Somedays like today and tomorrow are days I say another day SURVIED!!